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When you come to our preparatory academy, you have the chance to make friends with fellow student athletes who are in similar positions in life. Who knows, you may make some lifelong friends during your time here.


Our apartments are typically 2 bedrooms with each bedroom housing 2 students, so you will have a roommate during your stay.

Utilities are included in tuition

When you stay at our apartments, you won't have to worry about paying utilities, such as power, water, sewage, and trash fees.

Make it your own living space

Our apartments are fully furnished, with only a few accessories needed to make it your

own living space.

Your tuition fee includes housing with roommates that you are sure to make friends with.

Be totally dedicated to your education and training by rooming near campus.


Live in comfort and convenience

All our apartments come with the amenities of refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and dishwashers so you don't have to purchase your own. You will be able to cook and eat healthy instead of eating out all the time.

Stay in a roomy apartment.

Bond with other prep students.


Building men of distinction

Bond with your fellow athletes

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