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Score card

Our online academic partner is SACS accredited offers over 50 NCAA approved core classes.

Our administrators will determine the classes you need by  each individual students transcript.

Students will report to our academic centers at their daily preappointed time. Administrators will ensure that each

student is reaching weekly completion percentages and maintaining the necessary GPA for eligibility.

With our certified onsite instructor, you will receive multiple practice tests and test taking strategies. You will take practice tests up until the actual exam so you are well prepared.

See a great difference in your GPA with our self-paced curriculum method.

Choose from over 50 NCAA approved

core classes to strengthen your academics.

Let us help you become a better student in the classroom and raise your GPA.


If you've had trouble learning and taking tests in the classroom, don't lose hope. At Jireh Preparatory Academy, our teachers will work with you to identify your weaknesses and help you improve them.


We can help you do your best in both fields.

Building men of distinction

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