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By jirehpreparator3853, Mar 17 2020 06:12PM

The Jireh Prep PG football program is recognized by thousands of high school and college administrators, coaches, and students. Our 11 years of servicing student athletes has never been interrupted for any reason. Hundreds of college coaches continue to visit, recruit our prospects, and recommend student athletes to our PG program. If you follow our Twitter timeline you will see and read about our many success stories (@JPWarriors). However, if you search Google you will find some published articles from 2016/2017, that paints a different picture. The articles pertain to a student from our 2015 class. A few years back, our attempt to service all student athletes with an unlimited roster, led to an unsatisfied student/family at the end of the process. The link below shows the family’s post on Social Media. When asked what was going on with the Jireh Prep program their response explains intent, “I’s just to “F” with Jireh”. Although, we have never been able to understand the verbal/written slander, libel, etc. we strive to provide a quality experience for each student. The legal entities were forced to file Bankruptcy due to mounting litigation fees. In the picture below you will see the Final Decree for the Bankruptcies were closed on June 19, 2019, in Federal court. The federal Judge and Trustee found no fraud, wrongdoing, or crimes as accused in the Lawsuit filings. These findings have dissolved the lawsuit and cleared all parties of the accusations by the student and his family. Below is the post by the student’s family and the Final Decree documents from Federal court.

By guest, Dec 13 2016 03:34AM

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