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Are your athletic skills underdeveloped?

Have you discovered athletic talents too late in high school to gain the attention of college coaches?

Jireh Preparatory Academy can help you get a second chance as a student athlete.

Become a

team leader

Develop your


If you have a strong sense of competition, let us harness that energy on the field to prime you for your games.

Get the most rigorous training to improve your skills as An Athlete.



If you feel like you need some time maturing your athletic abilities before going to college, we can help.


You will learn skills to develop character and leadership on the field.

Get rigorous strength and condition training

Every athlete needs stringent strength and condition training in order to hone their skills properly in their sport. Through hard work and dedication, you will develop not only your athletic skills but also your character.


Not only will you learn to be your best on the field by actually playing, but you will also learn from game films. We have plenty of recorded footage to use for you to study and glean strategies for your own use.


Building men of distinction

Get noticed for your athletic abilities

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